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Tamil Rasi Palan Panchagam Jothidam 2012

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rasi Tamil Rasi Palan, Panchagam, Jothidam and Horoscope are very popular among tamil people. Everyone would like to see their rasi palan for every year to predict their future. In this article you can get to know the details about the list of twelve tamil rasi palans and their predictions. Read the article below to know more updates about tamil rasi palan 2012.

Mesha Rasi Palan 2012

In English it is called as Aries. Mesha Rasi people will have strong mind and always choose the right path. They will try to venture into new projects and will succeed in their attempt. You will get support from experienced persons while taking up new assignments. small misunderstanding will happen with your life partner. Try to discuss all the issues with your partner in order for a smooth life. Planets Jupiter, Mars and Mercury are very strong and would help your in cash flow.

Rishaba Rasi Palan 2012

In English it is called as Taurus. Career growth is good for Rishaba rasi people when compared to last year.  You will succeed in your business activities as planet Jupiter is very strong for you. there will be heavy workload for Rishaba rasi people and it is best advised to plan properly to avoid any confusion. Lovers and couples will have a good understanding and relation. Cash flow will be tight in the first 6 months and will improve during the second half of this year.

Mithuna Rasi Palan 2012

In English it is called as Gemini. Mithuna rasi people will value family relationships. Bright chances of getting new relationship is possible which will make you happy. Take precaution while planning your career as wrong decision will affect you financially. You will definitely will have good cash flow this year. Mithuan rasi people don’t heed the advice of budget planning. This will drain them financially to some extent. Always try to plan a budget every month to ease your financial cash flow. Misunderstanding between life partner will happen which should be handled carefully.

Kataka Rasi Palan 2012

In English it is called as Cancer. Intelligent, brave and over confident people fall into kataka rasi. They will have good start in their business and with some hard work can earn fruitful results. Planets will work in your favor to fight against competition in your business. Keep a check on your spending spree as you may end up spending more for your family and friends. You will get good profits in the first half of the year when compared to the second half. there will be good relation between couples and life partners.

Simha Rasi Palan 2012

In English it is called as Leo. Simha rasi people will always think that they are correct. They make correct decision and sometimes this may lead to over confidence. Planets Saturn and Uranus makes sure that all the obstacles that you faced in the past two years are removed. Take care of your health as you might get problems like skin allergies, leg pain, and some digestive problems. You might face more pressure in your profession in the month of july. Job opportunities and good salary hike can be expected this year. relationship between couples and life partners will be smooth. Try to take steps to save for the future.

Kanni Rasi Palan 2012

In English it is called as Virgo. Kanni rasi people will be liked by all and they are intelligent. Planet mercury is in their favor and people working in music and fine arts will get good rewards. You will earn good wealth as planet Venus is in good position this year. Chances of going abroad is bright. Practice laxmi slogans on fridays to improve your financial position. As mars is in the 12th position you might get involved in some minor accidents. Brother sister relationship will have some strain. Relationship with your partner will be good.

Thula Rasi Palan 2012

In English it is called as Libra. Thula rasi favors people in the field of finance, business, cash, money and banking. You would be gaining financially this year as Raghu is in good position. Students may look for higher studies abroad. This year is not good for people who are self employed. How ever they an overcome this by shear hard work. chances of getting government jobs are bright for students. You may encounter some major health problems. Personal relationship with family will be good and bond with your mother will be stronger than last year.

Viruchigam Rasi Palan 2012

In English it is called as Scorpio. Viruchigam rasi people are smart and beautiful. they should try to get over their anger which is their biggest negative. Your are excellent decision makers and will help others to make correct decisions. Your earnings will not be that great in the first half of the year. This will improve in the latter part of the year. You will invest money in land, house, and agriculture. Try to cut down your emotions and take things easy. As of your health is concerned you will have some temporary stomach problems. You ill have good relationship with your partner and family members.

Thanusu Rasi Palan 2012

In English it is called as Sagittarius. Thanusu rasi people are good and can attract people to their side with a smile. They are honest and have faith in god. Financially they are sound and the location of Saturn and Rahu, Ketu are good for business people. Students have a bright future and they will come through in the competitive exams. You might encounter some health problems that can be cured in due course. You have the ability to balance your personal life in a more balanced way.

Makara Rasi Palan 2012

In English it is called as Capricon. Makara rasi people are cunning and they can handle difficult situations with ease. They are friendly people and encourage others. They have difficulty in adjusting with their life partners. You can earn more if you put in some hard work. Care should be taken of your health as you might encounter some heart problems. Plan a good diet to keep yourself healthy. those who are searching for life partner will get their match soon. this will help them to settle in their marriage life.

Kumba Rasi Palan 2012

In English it is called as Aquarius. Kumba rasi people are intelligent and make good teachers. You have good memory power that will help you in your education as well as in your profession. You mingle easily with strangers and make them your friends. Your health condition is ok as you should be careful in not getting any lung infection. Students will get chance to go abroad for their higher studies. You are more attached with your parents when compared to your life partners. You will feel a secure environment with your family.

Meena Rasi Palan 2012

In English it is called as Pisces. Meena rasi people are very religious and follow orthodox principles. Planet mars decides about your money and finance. IT is the right time to start business if you are planning for one. Your health condition will be good with some minor skin problems. You may encounter some problem with your family due to your emotional weakness. You are close to your partner than with your parents. all your family issues will be settled in the second half of the year.

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